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Hadzhi Dimitar Monument
The monument of Hadzhi Dimitar, one of the symbols of the town of Sliven, is a complex architectural - plastical decision. Built on a considerable height, the figure of the legendary Sliven voivoda Hadzhi Dimitar is brightly outlined on the background of Sinite Kamani (the Blue Stones).

Busts of famous people from Bulgarian National Revival period are located in the lower part of the monument.

Monument of the Cavalry
Regiment - Orleto (The Eaglet)

One of the symbols of Sliven is the monument dedicated to the glorious Seventh Cavalry Regiment, participated in the Balkan Wars and World War I.

Because the regiment cause significant damage to the Triple Entente army, as a result of Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine it was disbanded.

It†happens†rarely†monument†to†be†called a diminutive name. But this monument is well known as "Eaglet" by everione in Sliven. Sculptors Nikola Dimitrov and Panayot Tsiporanov are authors of the monument.

Panayot Hitov Monument
A monument of the famous Bulgarian voivoda (rebel leader) Panayot Hitov, a teacher of many revolutionaries such as Stoyan Papazov, Hadzhi Dimitar, Vasil Levski and others. The monument was built in 1980, in Novo Selo, near the home of HitovPanayot Hitov.

Monument of Dobri Zelyazkov
A monument of Dobri Zhelyazkov, the first Bulgarian factory-owner and industrialist, the founder of the first textile factory in Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

Monument of general
Mikhail Skobelev

A monument of General Mikhail Skobelev, glorified Russian commander, during the Russian - Turkish war 1877-1878.

His headquarters was located in Sliven for three months in 1879. He supported Bulgarian population militarily and economically. The monument was inaugurated in 2015.

Monument of Vasil Levski
A monument to the "Apostle of Freedom" Vasil Levski was established in the Square named after him. Sliven was often visited by Vasil Levski. He built here one of the most active revolutionary committees, which under its authority later became one of the four Regional Revolutionary Committees.

Monument of Dobri Chintulov
A monument of Dobri Chintulov - one famous Renaissance poet, teacher, cultural and church leader. He was the author of the popular revolutionary songs.

Monument of Dr. Simeon Tabakov
A monument of Dr.. Simeon Tabakov - Bulgarian diplomat, who wrote a fundamental three-volume book on the history of his hometown - "Attempted history of Sliven".


Monument of the Soviet Army
During the WWII an Army hospital was located in Sliven. Soldiers, wounded and injured in Iasi-Kishinev operation (one of the battles in avgust 1944, which determined the end of the war) were treated here.

A†charnel†house,†where†the†remains†of†the deceased in this and other hospitals Soviet soldiers were buried, is located on Hammambair. The monument was established in 1949 near the charnel house.

Memorial plaque in honor
of the heroes of WWII

Set by the grateful descendants in 2015.


Donation campaign for restoration
the Monument of VI Artillery Regiment

Sliven Municipality organises a campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the monument of VI Artillery Regiment, which is located in the courtyard of the former Zenith regiment in the town.

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