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The old clock tower

The old clock tower in the center of Sliven It was built in the early nineteenth century. The tower clock was used for firefighter watchtower. In 1936 a severe storm destroyed the wooden upper part. It was restored 16 years ago in the old manner

Hadji Dimitar Square

Central city square, formed in the beginning of XX century. A place for numerous ceremonies and meetings. A monument of Hadji Dimitar and other figures of Bulgarian Renaissance is located here.

The buiding of the Municipality and the town clock

The buiding of the Municipality was built in 1933 according to the project of architect J. Yordanov. Mayor of Sliven at this time was Dimitar Zahariev.

Гюр чешма

На ъгъла на улиците "Великокняжевска" и "Генерал Столетов", на стотина метра от старата фабрика на Добри Желязков, съвсем близо до къщата на Добри Чинтулов, инж. Огнян Балулов от Сливен издигна чешма за чудо и приказ. Красива чешма в стар стил, с три кранчета, интересни мозайки и каменни корита. Направена от сърце и с много желание.

На това място преди много години е била Гюр чешма. Наричали я така, защото водата идвала от Балкана под налягане и "гюртяла" /бумтяла/. Имала няколко чучура. Там след Освобождението офицерите и полицаите водели конете си на водопой, оттам минавали и керваните, които разнасяли сливенските аби от фабриката на Добри Желязков.

The Old Elm

The Old Elm in Sliven was a millennial tree - a symbol of the city. it is of Ulmus carpinifolia kind - a broad-leaved tree with a very well developed route system. It was one of the few remaining of the Great Bulgarian Forest (Silva Bulgarica Magna), which has covered the whole area between the Rhodope Mountains and the Black Sea.

The millennial tree was located in the city center at the beginning of the main promenade and is huge, majestic and beautiful.

The old elm tree was connected with the history of Sliven since the Turkish yoke, This is a famous tree and it is without any concerns one of the greatest symbols of Sliven. It is a sacred tree considered as a monument and a symbol of the fight and the high spirit of the citizens during the yoke. This is an important, touching and proud specimen of a disappearing species.

"It is not proved but some people believe that many young men and rebellions were hung there during the liberty fights"... (Damian Damyanov)

Several years ago the tree was struck by tracheomycosis. Municipal authorities, experts from the country and abroad, were looking for the best opportunity to keep the tree alive, but the chance for survival of elm is still minimal.

A witness of events from the glorious past, a long-standing symbol of the city, a source of inspiration for generations of poets and artists, Old Elm will remain forever in the heart of citizens of Sliven.

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