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Mineral baths of Sliven

Sliven Mineral Baths are spa resort built near hot mineral springs. The baths resort is situated 12 km southwest from the town of Sliven in the valley of the Tundja River. The mineral water has a temperature of 48C and flow rate 17 l. / Sec. Suitable for treatment of many diseases, including gastrointestinal, liver and gallbladder disease, of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system.

Mineral water is the main healing factor in the resort. It possesses valuable healing qualities with low mineralization and big flow capacity. The reaction is neutral and the temperature high. The water is also characterized as fluorine, hydro-carbonate sulphate-chloride-sodium, calcium-magnesium, with carbon dioxide, radon, meta-silicon acid, lithium and iron content. The good healing factors of the mineral water, the traditions in spa medication and available healing facilities are a great prerequisite for further development of Sliven Mineral Baths as a specialized spa healing resort. Utilization of the water as an energy source is also appropriate.

Application of mineral water:

individual drinking treatment - depending on the type and severity of the disease,
externally individual treatment - pool, baths, showers,
irrigational form of enemas - cathartic healing / medicinal substances dissolved in min. Water / underwater or bath / washing of the entire colon /

In its chemical composition mineral water is close to the famous French mineral waters - Monestier de Clermont and Saint-Luc.

Indications for treatment

Successfully treat gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary diseases, injuries to the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system. Like Karlovy Vary, which lure tourists with prophylactic treatment intestinal washes and Sliven Spa offer underwater bath. Underwater bath is a therapeutic enema, which makes living water and is available only in the state sanatorium in the resort.

The procedure itself takes place in a special room where patients stay for about 30 minutes in a bath of warm mineral water and a special apparatus inserted hot mineral water in the colon and makes lavage and toxins in the body. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes and is not painful. Besides underwater baths are available and other spa treatments as mineral baths, treatments with sea mud, underwater massages and others. The sanatorium offers holiday discount program of NSSI or free acceptance.

Accommodation in the neighborhood of the Mineral baths of Sliven

Guesthouse Omega
Family hotel Kalina
Family hotel Florans

Balneo hotels and sanatoriums

Balneo hotel Zhiva voda
Restaurants & other eatery

Tavern Vodenitsata
Chateau Windy Hills

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