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Beerhouse Maki

15 years ago the biggest cinema Bulgarka became one of the most visited restaurants in Sliven.

The restaurant offers a menu traditional Bulgarian, Chinese and Italian cuisine, grill and barbecue, sach, earthenware dishes, baked dishes, fish and seafood, desserts.

Phone:: 044 622 055
Address: 5 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

Beerhouse Boliarka

In Bolyarka You can feel the pleasant atmosphere combined with good food and enjoy a full range of products of brewery - Bolyarka light and dark, Warsteiner, Kaltenberg, "Schweik and Balkan.

The restaurant offers a degustation of traditional Bulgarian dishes and all products of the brewery Bolyarka presented by the master chef.
BB Sliven - Demea, 49 Tsar Simeon Blvd. , 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
BB Sliven - kv. Druzhba, bl. 17, 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
BB Sliven - ST Enidma, 5 St, Karadzha Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Phone: 0895 546 622, Website: www.boliarka.com www.biraria.com

Tavern Smoking stump


Address: village Byala, Sliven area
Phone: 088 542 9636

avern Ezeroto (The Lake)


Area of City Garden

Tavern Bulgari

Tavern Bulgari is open every day since 16 PM. It offers a varied menu, traditional. Bulgarian, Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. Live music every Friday and Saturday. Located at the foot of the mountain, it has 180 seats.

Organizes weddings and family celebrations.
Phone: 0877 711 140

Tavern Vodenitsata (Water mill)

Tavern Vodenitsata is located in a picturesque area along the river Tundzha, near Sliven mineral baths.. Built on the river at the place of actually existing water mill - it is a wonderful place for rest and relaxation. The restaurant has 170 seats in the hall and three terraces.

The traditional Bulgarian cuisine, specialties of pork, fish dishes, a variety of salads and appetizers will satisfy the most discerning tastes
Phone: 045 112 876, 0887 216 565, 0886 819 025
Website: www.mehanavodenicata.com
Address: Mineral baths of Sliven, 8840

Tavern Staroto selo (The old village)

The furnace works tirelessly here and it is never known what exactly is baked inside. In addition, the grate with the charcoals almost does not get cool. Generally, you get on time machine and fly back to the one of the 100 voevodes table.

Phone: 0886 166 010, 0889 269 134 site: http://www.vistahotels.eu
Address: 2 Hadzhi Dimitar Square