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Burger point

Burger point - fast food restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, sweets and favorite drinks. Smiling and highly qualified staff will meet You in Burger point.

Here you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, modern design, Burger point is theright place for meetings, parties and celebrating birthday.
Phone: 0899 878 519
Website: www.burgerpoint.eu
Address: 3 Tsar Osvoboditel Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Заведение за бързо хранене "Hesburger"

Адрес: бул. "Цар Освободител" 20, Телефон: 0878 690 173
E-mail: sliven@hesburger.bg, Website: https://www.hesburger.bg



Phone: 0893 988 686, 044 622 663
Website: www.mariofresh.bg
Address: 3 Tsar Osvoboditel Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Bistro Central

The bistro has 50 seats + garden and perfect kitchen.
Phone:044 634692 , E-mail: petar.chakmakov@abv.bg
Address:1 Rakovska Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria,


Snack bar Husarski bivak (Hussar camp)

Husarski bivak offers special foods from different countries. Here you can find Russian, Ukrainian, Caucasian, Georgian and other foods. The restaurant offers 25 specialties,

Moreover prepared specialties in the restaurant are also available, f you can prepare rozen ones at home...
Phone: 044 410 252
Address: 16 Velikoknyazhevska Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

City bar and grill-Sliven

Phone: 088 771 0280
Address: 50 Stefan Stambolov Blvd., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Пицария и дюнери

бул."Цар Освободител"


Баничарницата "Двата аслана"

Адрес: гр. Сливен, ул. "Георги С. Раковски" 50, Телефон: 0885 851 572