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HEMINGWAY cafe & bar

Address: ул. "Генерал Скобелев"
Телефон: 0877 52202

Vienna Patisserie

Vienna Patisserie is located In the very heart of Sliven and offers to its customers class, comfort, style and excellent service. The restaurant is frequently updated according to the latest fashion trends in interior design. Today, Viennese pastry shop is one of the places where you can spend your time pleasantly, the morning coffee as well as the lunch in the middle of a hectic day.

The ideal place for leisure and business meetings (free Wi-Fi internet is provided).

he entire assortment of cakes, puff pastries and snacks offered in the restaurant are produced by the company's own workshop.
Phone: 044 622 191
Address: 3 Hadzhi Dimitar Blvd., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Pastry shop Shakliyan

СThe pastry shop has its own parking and offers beautiful interiors on two levels conveniently located garden wih a view to the boulevard and fast food.

It is located on the busiest street in town - Stefan Stambolov. near the Kaufland hypermarket. The restaurant has 70 seats inside and 90 seats in the garden. It is furnished in a modern style, air conditioned and equipped with a sound system. The pastry shop offers a rich menu, the prices are reasonable.

The restaurant is open from 7:30 to 23:00 every day. We accept payment is cash as well as by POS.

Most of the specialties of Shakliyan are prepared accordimg to international, mostly European recipes from master artists confectioners. You can order different cakes for different ocasions: baby birthdays,anniversary or wedding ceremonies. Pastry shop Shakliyan is good for organizing various events, celebrations, birthdays, corporate parties and others.

Address: 67 Bulgarka, 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
Phone: 044 633 336
Website: http://www.shakliyan.com

Pastry Karibou

Pastry Caribou, a huge assortment of products of their own production for all age groups.
Phone: 044/667227, 0889150249
E-mail: office@karibu-bg.com,
Website: www.karibu-bg.com
Address: 18 Stephan Stambolov Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria

Cafe-club Lenin

Cafe-club Lenin is just an attraction with unusual name, it is a location for meetings, business talks and connoisseurs of good music.

21 Hristo Botev Str., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
Телефон: 087 777 6281



Phone: 088 831 4589
Address: 60B Georgi Ikonomov Str.,Klutsohor


Address: Tsar Osvoboditel St., Sliven, Bulgaria
Phone: 087 760 8003

Pastry shop Charm

Pastry shop Charm is located in Klutsohor behind bl. №3 and bl. №4. Its main hall has 16 seats for customers and a separate room with a children's playground.

Address: 33 Klutsohor, 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
Phone:0895 450 100, 044 625 313
E-mail: charsl33@gmail.com Website: www.charsl.com

Кафе-сладкарница "Мустан"

Адрес: ул. "Донка и К. Константинови"
Телефон: 0887 944 412