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Department of Sinite kamani (Blue Stones) Natural Park

Forestry Committee the Council of Ministers of Republic of Bulgaria with Order № 64 / 02.15.1996 year on the basis Art.10 of the the Forestry Act, art.1 of the Implementing Regulations the Forest Act, Art.2 of the Law on Protection of Nature, art. 31 of the Regulations implementing the Law on Protection of Nature and Council of Ministers Decree 35/1991 on forming a government of the national park "Blue Stones" with headquarters. Sliven, whose activity is: Conducting government policy related to coordination, methodological guidance and control over the implementation of landscape projects, scientific, educational and propaganda activities, events for conservation and restoration of nature, biological and landscape diversity and organization of tourism and recreation in the territory of National Park "Blue Stones" included in the State forest fund.

By Order № 197 / 17.07.1998 year on the basis art.22, paragraph 2, 3 of the Forest Act, art. 28, paragraph 1 of the Regulations implementing the Forest Act, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Agrarian Reform - National Forestry transformed Management of National Park "Blue Stones" at the Directorate of National Park "Blue Stones" from 15.07.1998 year.

The scope of activities:

organizes events for preservation and restoration of biological and landscape diversity
  conducts educational, interpretation, promotional, advisory and promotional activities
  establish and maintain park infrastructure to serve tourism and recreation
  organizes and participates in the realization of tourist and recreational activities
  carries out scientific and applied research activities in the park
  establish and maintain a database, collect and disseminate information about the park and surrounding areas

By Order № 46 / 10.01.2003 on the basis Art.52, paragraph 2 and 3 of the Law on protected territories, art.22, paragraph 2, 3 of the Forest Act, , art. 28, paragraph 1 of the Regulations implementing ,the Forest Act, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - National Forestry convert Directorate of National Park "Blue Stones" at the Directorate of Natural Park "Blue Stones" from 01/02/2003.

Plans, finances and organizes:

specialized research on biodiversity
  conducting maintenance or restoration measures for plant and animal species or their habitats
  conducting educational programs with the local population and park visitors
  изграждане и функциониране на системата от посетителски и информационни центрове
  developing and publishing of information, advertising, souvenir and other popular materials for park
  building and maintaining hiking trails, recreation, informational boards, shelters and other parks and architectural elements for the needs of tourism and recreation
  preservation of cultural and historical heritage

Coordinate activities envisaged in the Management Plan and other initiatives and projects that are implemented by other local authorities and public organizations, connected with regional development, the development of tourism, sustainable use of resources, conservation and restoration of biodiversity.

Shall monitor on:

status of the priority natural habitat types, plant and animal communities, populations of protected, rare, endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna
  tourism within the park boundaries
  the impact of different types of natural and anthropogenic factors on biodiversity


observance of regimes and restrictions in the park resulting from the regulations and management plan
  sustainable use of natural resources in accordance with relevant plans and projects
  tourist activities within the park boundaries

Maintains a database on the state of biodiversity, natural resources, for recreation and tourist sites and cultural and historical sites in the park and adjacent regions.

We have two information visitors centers:

Informational visitors center - Haidushka path

Work time: from Thursday to Sunday from 09:00 to 15:00 / or by request /

Informational visitors center - Karandila Work time: Work time from Wednesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 16:00
/ in bad weather or a problem with the lift by opens Informational visitors center "Haidushka path" /

Information about the centers::

Disclosed by the Directorate of Nature Park "Blue stones" in order to present the protected territory, raising the knowledge of people about the value and importance of biodiversity, to understanding the problems of environmental protection and help the visitors in the selection of tourism routes, programs and educational activities.

Set in the early Haidushkata path, near the lower station of funicular railway.

The exposition gives the most general idea of the Natural Park "Blue Stones" - inanimate nature, mosses, lichens, mushrooms, grass, tree and shrub species, conservation status of plant and animal species, the diversity of fauna.

Information visitors center offers comprehensive information about the park through lectures, explaining the conditions for tourism, the tourist and educational routes, programs, products and packages, organized initiatives such as exhibitions, competitions, children's shows.

In the center can buy informational materials, brochures, tourist guides and books, catalogs, postcards, tourist maps, videotapes, CD, souvenirs, as well as to make reservations for accommodation in hotels and recreation facilities on the Park territory and the Municipality of Sliven. At the Information

Centre has a seal for 100 National tourist sites.

Other activities of the Information visitor centers:

Leadership in groups
  Lecture in Bulgarian or English for the Blue Stones park
  Use of bicycles
  Conduction of environmental games with children
  Organization of photo safari
  Use of Bojoure hall of Conservation tourist center with multimedia
  Ability to buy souvenirs and information materials for Nature Park
  Ability to creatively and volunteering

Coordinates of the Directorate Blue Stones Nature Park  26'18′44,14"  ,  42°40'47,98" Address: 1B Tsar Simeon blvd., 8800 Sliven, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 44 66 29 61. +359 44 62 46 32 , Fax: +359 44 66 29 61
Website www.dppsk.org Facebook:
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