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Camping Oasis

Camping Oasis is located at the foot of Stara planina, in the locality Mollova gora near Sliven.

The campsite offers all the necessary conditions for a peaceful holiday in nature with a tent, caravan, camper or bungalow.

You will be provided with electricity, and you will have the opportunity to look at the starry sky or stay under the shade of trees. The area of Camping Oasis is 4,5 hectare. The camping includes tavern, barbecue, children's playground, summer garden, toilets. You will be accommodated in grassy areas. The campsite has extensive green areas, eco routes, places where your children can play freely and explore the world. There are many interesting sights near the campsite.

Address: Mollova gora,phone: +359 88 422 9199,facebook:


. + 359 44 611 123  
-mail: tourism.sliven@gmail.com   <<
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